Publishing Manager

Posted 2 years ago

Position: Full-Time

Location: Bolingbrook, IL

A Publishing Manager is responsible for everything we publish under certain subject areas. This involves finding and/or cooperating with people to write the books or journals and then producing, marketing, selling, and distributing the final product.


A Publishing Manager is primarily responsible for taking care of all the publications of the organization. The specific duties of a publications manager position include:

  • Coordinating with the content creators
  • Oversight and managing the layout and design team
  • Acquiring the best deals for the printing process
  • Supervising the printing process
  • Handling the legal process related to each printed title
  • Supervising the shipping and storage processes
  • Planning and supervising Marketing activities and launching process for each product
  • Planning & Supervising  the proper supply chain management policies
  • Overseeing the distribution process including the best practice for distributors’ management
  • Coordinating with vendors, suppliers, and other department members; 
  • Keeping updated on publications from competitor publishing houses; 
  • Taking care of human resources required for various publications; 
  • Participating in recruitment and training of human resources and performing other tasks as required. 


A Publishing Manager should have a bachelor’s degree in mass communications or journalism. A master’s degree may be advantageous. Excellent academic credentials are required. Prior experience in publications management is essential for a Publishing Manager position. 

U.S. Work Authorization is required. Pay commensurate with knowledge and experience on a NON-PROFIT ISLAMIC ORGANIZATION scale.

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